Defined by those who experienced it.

facebook Spicy and garlic picanha was my favorite, savory steaks that melts in your mouth and great flavor on chicken. Excellent service they will ask you what else you want to try and they will send the Gaucho's with your request.Ambience is typical napa style dining with a Brazilian touch and Great wine selections. Definitely will come back ,nice treat for a hardworking Mom like me and for special occasion
Bing A.
July 1st.

facebook This is by far my favorite Brazillian Steakhouse. The food is impeccable with more different cuts of meat than any other place I have been to. They use charcoal so the meat is so full of flavor and very juicy. The salad bar has rice, apple salad, chicken salad, potato salad, and I can't remember every thing else. Of course the cheese rolls are delightful! Aside from the food..the service is like no other. This is like the Disney World of restaurants when it comes to service. From the bottom to the top these individuals are there to serve you. Last but not least..sign up for their emails. They are always sending coupons! Thank you Galpao for being so AWESOME!
Sheena V.
March 16.

facebook I don't write reviews but I can't keep this experience to myself. This place has amazing food and awesome staff! I loved how you could try different kinds of meat, all grilled to perfection! So tender and delicious! And the parmesan bread is the best I've ever had! The ambience is really elegant as well. Love this place!
Loiselle S.
June 27.

facebook My wife and are here now and I had to stop eating to post how amazing this place is and we just moved here from Las Vegas and we eat out at alot of nice restaurants. Even the service is by far the best.
Ian L.
March 27.

facebook Most definitely the best Brazilian steakhouse I have visited. Extraordinary service complimented the delicious food, cooked to perfection! My fiancé took me for my birthday, and our experience was delightful! Most definitely will be returning soon.
Claudia B.
May 6.

facebook Our first visit. It was spectacular! This is a 5 star eatery. Food, Service and Ambience. Can't wait to return. Terrific.
Michael J.
April 28.

Yelp The food is excellent but the service takes it over the top! We love Brazilian Steakhouses but this one is now our favorite by far. Our waiter was Bryce & he was exceptional. Already thinking of going back for my anniversary in 8 days.
Jennifer S.

Yelp My wife and I have lived in Napa for two years now and we have made it our goal to visit every restaurant we can. In my opinion, Galpao Gaucho is the best restaurant in Napa. The salad bar is unique with various seafood, pickled and marinated vegetables, salads, cheeses and soups. When you are ready for meat, service is prompt and courteous as they provide you with slices cooked to absolute perfection. Service in general is also unparalleled. It was an amazing experience.
Ken B.

Yelp Our first experience at a Brazilian steakhouse was awesome! The staff was very friendly and professional, the food was amazing. Best experience ever
RoyandMonica L.

Yelp Our evening at Galpāo Gaúcho was probably the best dining experience we've had in the Napa Valley in a very long time. The restaurant is beautiful. The atmosphere is vibrant, exciting, and welcoming all at the same time. The staff are friendly and accommodating. They genuinely want you to enjoy yourself and make every effort to ensure your happiness. The Gaúchos are polite, courteous, knowledgeable, and responsive. They care that you get what you desire, and work hard to bring your favorite selections. While the price seems high, it's worth remembering that the delicious meats are all you can eat; as are the salad and cheese bar items. This is a special place. We are so happy that Napa now has a high caliber Brazilian Steakhouse. We look forward to many incredible evenings here, and recommend Galpāo Gaúcho without hesitation. Enjoy!
Jay S.

Yelp First time at a Brazilian steakhouse. What an experience!! My husband and I went there for lunch today for our anniversary and we will definitely be going back. EVERYONE was extremely attentive and friendly. The Brazilian lemonade was awesome; the refills just kept coming! We were so full that we had to take our dessert to go.
Gwen S.

Google Amazing service amazing meal. One of the greatest meals that ive ever had. Wish i could give it more stars but I'm only allowed 5. I will be back again and again.awesome
Larry S.
July 2016.

Google The welcoming, family atmosphere and kind staff are only part of why we frequent Galpão. Wagner is a true gentleman and always greets us throughout the meal, happy to send more of whatever cuts we request. And they are very fast and generous, and make many more rounds with the skewers than other restaurants. Not to mention the staff bringing fresh plates and never letting your glass lay empty. TRY THE LAMB CHOPS!!! They are superb! And the creme brûlée and flan are made fresh in house and are second to none. The flaming dessert drinks are amazing as well. A perfect compliment to the meal. The restaurant is deceptively large, too, so there is rarely a wait. I passionately recommend Galpão Gaucho to everyone!!!
Willey N.
May 2016.

Google These guys are amazing! The food is delicious and the service is spectacular! The manager came by personally to make sure everything was goin well for us, and we were very well taken care of by the staff. I absolutely 100% recommend this place to everyone!!!
Kami W.
May 2016.

Google Our very first time here. And even though it is a bit of a drive, it was well worth it! I'm not sure what was better, the taste of the delicious food or the impeccable service. And the manager tells us that next week they are having a special Monday through Thursday nights. Less expensive than all the other places, beautiful atmosphere, and just a wonderful overall experience.
Annie H.
April 2016.

Google This is my third Brazilian Steakhouse I have been to in the city and really the others just don't compare. The service from the hostess to the servers was impeccable, we wanted for nothing, and the steak was to die for; cooked to perfection and so flavorful and savory! The sides were great too and the black beans taste very authentic! Also, the selection impressed me too! Not only did they have steak, they had chicken, pork and salmon! I'm so impressed and I will be going back again very soon!
Jessica R.
April 2016.

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